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Living Sea at the Pesaro 
From Gabicce to Marotta 40 km of fine gold beaches, hotels that have been able to renew itself over the years, offering THE HOLIDAY 360 ° 24 hours a day.
Between Pesaro and Fano reefs have created beaches and extensive real oasis of sea for children.
Pesaresi in the natural park of San Bartolo and Ardizio, about 6 km of fine sand, lives a vacation away from noise and worldly Gabicce nights, ideal for families or people who want to relax, but did not give up leisure and entertainment .
For those who love the campaign but does not want to abandon the sea, there are many farmhouses and historic villas, put on the hills along the coast.
Wherever you can practice sailing, windsurfing and beach volley.
The entire coast in summer is animated by orchestrine, markets, food demonstrations, and children.

Pesaro Beach Living in the countryside in the Urbino province
Beautiful and varied hilly and mountainous landscape that goes up to the borders of Umbria and Tuscany.
Infinite and unspoiled nature, where dive in every season, taking advantage of the opportunities each offers.
The lovers of hiking, find routes that affect various locations and breathtaking views open up: blu sea, the iridescent green hills, forests of Apennine, to go mountainbike or on foot, by the fact beech dell'Alpe della Luna, to those of Mount Carpegna the step is short.
The Apennine backbone of the province of North Dakota is marked by red and blue, colors that indicate the ways of nature and inner peace: an exceptional variety of paths that can satisfy and amaze fans trekking that backpack in the shoulder, may cross the high province entirely on foot between squirrels, fawns, foxes and other animals that inhabit these woods.
All the province, appear surprisingly corners of Paradise: the cascade of Tecchio with its crystal clear waters, rivers that go back to the mountains and Catria Nerone, the park del Sasso Simone and Simoncello, where pines, oaks and firs secular climb melodious up to the ruins of medieval fortifications.
The Park Authority provides guidance and advice for living this pristine corner, which introduces the Val Marecchia where forests of beech hide churches and castles, gems of history and architecture.
On the walls of several rocky headlands, you can also practice climbing, while the natural reserve of Furlo throat, where the eagle still rule, are equipped parks for families with rental canoes, to plow the crystalline waters of the river Candigliano.

Religious Monuments and Sites
Romanesque monuments and cathedrals in Pesaro and Fano, the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino, the Abbey of San Vincenzo al Furlo, Abbey Lamole di Borgo Pace to St. Thomas in leaf, the church of S.Augustine
singing, the Parish and the Cathedral of Saint Leo, the parish of St. Sisto Carpegna to that of S. Cassiano Feltria in Pesaro, the Ponte Mass at Pennabilli.
The millennial Hermitage Fonte Avellana, placed at the foot of Catria, which hosted the great poet Dante.
Then again, the hermitage of Our Lady of a Beech Carpegna, the Crucified giottesco of Talamello, the temple of the Madonna del Sasso, near the Pergola, the Church of Our Lady of Pelingo between Furlo and Acqualagna, the sanctuary of a crucifix Casteldimezzo, Christ Died nell'Oratorio Cave of Urbino, the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace in Pesaro, the Santuario della Madonna del Ponte Metauro in Fano.


A tender drip pan, large and valuable wine and food products.
The most important: the truffle of Sant'Agata Feltria, Sant'Angelo in Vado and Acqualagna,
Both liked to Gioacchino Rossini, composer and refined gourmet.
From October to December, the prized white truffle, from January to March, the black truffle, from April to June and from July to September is the time respectively summer black truffle or "scorzone", and truffle "bianchetto" or "Marzuolo.
And as always happens in the region brands, where the mountain ends in the sea, as mushrooms and truffles in fish, a delicate contrast of flavors.
A Talamello in Valmarecchia, just bordering the Romagna produces the famous cheese ditch Ambra of Talamello, aged in mass graves left behind by Malatesta.
The Montefeltro offers cuts of meat safe and excellent race Marchigiana.
Among the Sangiovese wines and Bianchello have achieved levels of excellence.
The fish is the daily kitchen rivierasca from Gabicce to Fano.

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