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"Così benedetta da Dio di bellezza di varietà di ubertà, tra questo digradare di monti che difendono, tra questo distendersi di mari che abbracciano, tra questo sorgere di colli che salutano, tra questa apertura di valli che arridono."
Giosuè Carducci

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Sea and countryside, mountains and hills, lowering down to the shore. You can experience the varied landscape of Marche, where many writers and poets, like Dante, Leopardi and Carducci, were inspired.
180 kilometres of sandy shore beaches, with the only rocky cliff among the whole shore of the Adriatic Sea – from Trieste to the Gargano – that is Monte Conero, 572 m, near Ancona, falling sheer to the sea.
Appennini summits are reachable at just 100 kilometres coming within the coast.
Just 100 kilometres within the coast, you can reach the Appennini summits, which will surely satisfy mountain lovers' needs: Monte Vettore with its 2478 metres is the highest peak of the Sibilillini mount chain, the only national park in the Marche. Also important are, in Pesaro district, Sasso Simone and Simoncello and, keeping going south, Monte Catria and San Vicino mount chain.
Make sure you don't miss... Historical parade and games, popular events taking place in the centre of ancient cities (the most important, “la Quintana” in Ascoli Piceno) and the number of spectacular festivals in occasion of religious events or Carnival; summer internationally known events such as theatrical season at Sferisterio Theatre in Macerata and Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro.
Places to visit: Two national parks (Monti Sibillini e Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga), four provincial parks (Monte Conero, Sasso Simone e Simoncello, Monte San Bartolo, Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi), four natural preserves (Abbadia di Fiastra, Montagna di Torricchio, Ripa Bianca and Gola del Furlo).
Places to admire: millenarian Grotte di Frasassi (Frasassi caves), one of the most interesting and famous Karst-formation in Italy with its small lakes, inlaid stalactites and gigantic stalagmites.
Dishes to taste: coupled with 12 excellent DOC wines (denomination of controlled origin) typical dishes suggested are "stoccafisso all'anconetana" (fish dish), "vincisgrassi" (hoven pasta), "olive ascolane" (fried stuffed olives), "brodetto" (soup), "maccheroncini di Campofilone" (pasta), "ciauscolo" (salami), "formaggio di fossa di Talamello" (cheese), the vintage truffles of Acqualagna, Sant'Angelo in Vado and Sant'Agata Feltria, mushrooms, pecorino cheese and "casciotta di Urbino" (cheese), "prosciutto di Carpegna" (ham), Fabriano salami, honey, "Extra Vergine" olive oil, cauliflower, lamb, biological food and much more.
Things to buy: pottery articles, copper, terracotta articles, majolica, pillow laces, hand-sewn carpets in farmhouse style, wooden pipes, hats, wrought iron, leather, musical instruments, toys, footwear, furniture, jeweller's art, paper, travertine marble, marbles, stones, wicker, reed, straw and bamboo articles...
Inside the Macerata district "La terra delle armonie” (the Land of Harmonies):
Apiro, Cingoli, Treia, Pollenza, San Severino Marche, Serrapetrona, Belforte del Chienti, Caldarola, Sarnano, Monte San Martino, San Ginesio, Urbisaglia. A great matching between art and nature.
Don't miss: Pallotta Castle in Caldarola, the ancient city centre of Sarnano, Monte San Martino polyptychs, the Urbisaglia fortress
Following Leopardi
Porto Recanati, Recanati, Montefano, Montecassiano, Macerata, Mogliano, Corridonia, Monte San Giusto, Civitanova Marche, Potenza Picena.
Don't miss: "San Claudio al Chienti" in Corridonia, "Santa Maria a piè di Chienti" in Montecosaro, "la Crocifissione del Lotto" in Monte San Giusto, "Villa Buonaccorsi" in Potenza Picena...
Discovering "Monti azzurri" (the Blue Mountains):
Visso, Pievetorina, Pievebovigliana, Fiastra, Acquacanina, Bolognola, Camerino, Castelraimondo, Pioraco, Matelica.
Where nature embraces the legend.
Don't miss: the ancient city centre of Visso, Fiastra lake, "Palazzo Ducale" in Camerino (Dukes' Palace).

Italy has more art treasures than any country in the world. Blend these with the architecture of the Renaissance, the history of ancient Rome, the Nature & you have the most interest region in Europe.
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